About our company

The GMV Kft limited liability company was established in 1990. During the transition period of the 90-s, in spite of the least favourable environment, the company managed to stabilise its operation, and became a stable and well equipped small business.

The actual building is owned by the company, it provides proper background partly for manufacturing own products, and manufacturing pieces and units as a subcontractor, providing at the spot surface treatments and assembling services as well.

  • mechanical works
  • sheet metal processing, manufacturing of sheet metal profiles and structures
  • milling and turning on CNC machines
  • manufacturing and assmebling mechanical units and complete mechanical machines
  • development of mechanical units
  • containers and equipemtns for honey-production

Available technologies:
  • black steel and stainless steel processing technologies
  • several types of welding technologies (MIG, WIG)
  • plasma cutting
  • CNC bending
  • tube-bending
  • profile-bending
  • mechanical structures, assmebling of machines units and compelte mechanical machinery
  • CNC machining
  • surfice finishing, painting

Our company has ISO 9000 certification.

The GMV Kft has 24 fulltimeemployee and its yearly turover is over 800.000 EURO.


The GMV Kft opertaes two workshop units:

Company seat and mechanical works:

Festetich u. 63.
7130 TOLNA
Tel/Fax: +36 74 540-135

Machining unit:

Rózner Gyula utca 1.